Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Switch - More Details On ITV2 Series

The series may be another two months from airing on ITV2 but more details on the upcoming magical themed series, Switch have emerged ...

- Stella (Lacey Turner): She's our career girl with a horrible boss in the shape of Janet, who seems to make her life a misery at work. She even tells Stella to find a different profession upon firing her.
- Jude (Nina Touissant-White): Works in a fashion store, loves the boys and one of her conquests seems to be a guitarist named Gerry.
- Grace (Phoebe Fox): New to London, has a traditional attitude to witchcraft and tends to pull the girls back when they're on the brink of disaster.
- Hannah (Hannah Tointon): Traveller of the pack, was in India beforehand. Also seems to be something of a commitment phobe too.

- Tom Robertson will be appearing in the series, presumably as a love interest for one of the girls.
- Stella loses her job and the girls band together to cast a spell to get Stella back her job but they need something of Janet's to do so.
- ITV have warned viewers to keep their mobiles handy as there's a storytelling app when it comes to learning more about the girls. It seems that mobiles can help with spell casting on this show.
- While their spells don't always go to plan, their friendship does seem to go from strength to strength.

Reading the stuff from the ITV2 press releases, they do seem a little too keen on playing down the magical side of things and instead emphasizing the friendships and romances (which is good to a degree, though no mention of Stella's nightmare ex-girlfriend?). Even though this show seems largely geared towards a female audience, I do hope it will be able to cross over towards a male viewership as we saw Being Human doing quite easily. I'll definitely be watching this one and if I like it enough/have the time, I might actually review it too.

Anyone else looking forward to this or will this show be another reason for ITV not to try anything supernatural/fantasy tinged? We all know how Demons and Trinity fared after all.

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Switch will premiere on ITV2 later in the Autumn. Times and dates are yet to be confirmed.

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