Monday, August 20, 2012

My Review of True Blood's 5x11: "Sunset"

Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter

Russell (to Steve, re Jason): “Oh look, we got ourselves a hunk sandwich.”

Now while I’m sure there probably is some steamy fanfiction out there with Russell/Jason/Steve, it’s coming to my attention that Jason seems to be becoming something of a dude in distress this season with the amount of times he’s either been glamoured or attacked by vampires.

This time around Jason got to be used as bait for Russell and Steve in order for Sookie and the fairies to try and take them out. As plans went, this was one that was doomed from the start. If Sookie and company had grabbed some guns with wooden bullets and attacked from all sides, then Russell and Steve would’ve been no more.

Instead the Elder fairy got ahead of herself, underestimated Russell and wound up being drained dry from him too. It’s a shame really, because apart from Claude and Maurella, she was the only other fairy this season to stand out this season with her quirky banter and she was killed too quickly for my liking.

It also means now that that Russell can actually see and undoubtedly enter fairy world, so I really do hope for Sookie and Claude’s sakes that they come up with a Plan B before Russell and Steve dwindle their numbers in quick succession and fast too.

However, I was trying to make a point about Jason and the point is that he does have a tendency to wind up in a fair whack of trouble with vampires more so nowadays. If it’s not with his determination to take out Warlow, it’s Jessica being forced to actually make him into a vampire at Bill’s behest as well.

I knew that Jessica would ultimately find some way of saving Jason, though she did have me fooled for a little moment but I can kind of see why things with them really aren’t going to work in the long haul. It’s not just Hoyt that was an obstacle for them – it’s everything really at the moment.

Also keeping with Jessica – Bill slapping her was actually a lot more shocking that it should’ve been. Yes, it’s been painfully clear now for the last few episodes that he’s not faking the Lilith obsession but if even Jessica cannot get through to him, then I am really worried that he’s gone for good.

It’s not even an Angelus type of gone either – this fanaticism has really gotten irritating to watch. It’s bad enough that Salome has always been on the Lilith train but it seems that everyone who’s been drinking her blood is going to turn on each other. Bill even killed Kibwe when he said that Lilith chose him. With any luck, Salome will end up receiving the true death.

On the plus side, at least both Eric and Nora have snapped out of it. The Nora I loved from “Turn!Turn!Turn!” made a return in this episode and it’s nice that the two of them are being proactive in trying to stop any further chaos that Lilith might get everyone else to incite. It’s just a shame that Eric had to kill Cavanagh in order to maintain the pretence as well though.

As for Pam and Tara – I did love that they managed for a little bit to keep Jessica safe and I certainly enjoyed the scene with Tara and Jessica as well discussing crushes and friendships. I really do want some proper scenes with Tara and Jessica next season. Those two would be excellent friends and they need it as well, don’t they?

Pam also impressed me in this episode too with taking the rap for killing Elijah in order to protect Tara but I also know that a larger part of her motives were to see Eric again. I just hope for Pam’s sake, she’ll make it out of the Authority alive because the way Bill and Salome are going, I predict more bloodshed in next week’s finale.

Also in “Sunset”

This episode had the titles of “Finally” and “Song Of A Dead Faerie”. I wonder why both of them were ditched?

Lilith (to Bill): “Only one can lead us, I choose you. Drink the blood, drink it all.”

Quirky Elder fairy seems to be a fan of Kesha and Boyz2Men. Her scenes with Sookie were delightfully random. We didn’t get an answer on Warlow’s identity though.

Salome: “We started this together, you and I and everything we dreamed of is coming to pass. The world will run with blood and we’ll be there to drink it down.”
Nora: “And in the darkness we shall rejoice.”

Jessica (re Jason): “What if I made him a vampire?”
Bill: “You wanna be a maker?”

Maurella confirmed in this episode that she was carrying Andy’s baby around the same time he made a commitment to Holly. Maurella also seemed a little scary as well.

Cavanagh (to Bill): “We own the day. Vampires don’t stand a fucking chance.”

Jessica (to Jason): “I know this isn’t real but if I was gonna have to spend eternity with somebody, I wasn’t faking that part.”

Alcide managed to get through to his disgraced father, Jackson and both of them took out some baby vampires. Rosalyn was also revealed as Elijah’s maker too. She’s made 204 vampires.

Alcide: “What happened to pack first?”
Jackson: “Pack left me out here to rot. Pack can go fuck themselves.”

Lafayette (to Terry/Arlene): “I’m a bitch, not a snitch, love it.”

Sam and Luna spent too much time in the Authority, they should’ve gotten Emma much earlier but I did enjoy that brief exchange with Sam and Pam though.

Rosalyn: “What possessed you to kill my progeny?”
Pam: “He was getting on my nerves.”

Bill (to Jessica): “Who are you to defy me? I am the chosen one. Lilith chose me.”

Standout music: Stevie Wonder’s “Sunset”, funnily enough.

Russell (to Sookie/fairies): “Why thank you so much. I’d love to come to dinner.”

Chronology: From where “Gone, Gone, Gone” left off.

A fun episode, definitely better paced. “Sunset” might not have the same oomph that past penultimate episodes have done but it did set things up nicely for the finale and that alone will at least finally put an end to this Lilith nonsense. Something I think we can all praise, right?

Rating: 8 out of 10

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