Monday, August 13, 2012

My Review of True Blood's 5x10: "Gone, Gone, Gone"

Written by Alexander Woo
Directed by Scott Winant

Russell (to everyone): “You can have your Lilith. I will not be constrained by your God or anyone else’s. I will have the sun.”

And a massive case of “thank fuck” for that, too. Not that I actually Russell to succeed in draining Sookie/fairies dry and walking in the sun on a more permanent basis but at the same time, Salome might finally get a clue that she’s bitten off more than she can chew when it comes to volatile vampires.

Was Salome really stupid in thinking that she could control Russell with all this Lilith rubbish for much longer? Russell was clearly amusing Salome and biding his time and now that his attention has turned back to using Sookie to walk in the daylight, he’s decided to drop the pretence and run with his true intentions.

The timing seemed perfect enough as well. The Authority storyline hasn’t been as compelling as it should’ve been and with everyone’s dedicated to Lilith at best pretty questionable – it does seem that only Bill and Salome are the only real devotees of the original vampire.

Eric might have drank some of Lilith’s blood against his will and had to endure seeing the naked vampire lady kill Godric once again but I still do not believe that he’s a believer of Lilith – merely biding his time until he can find a way to break Bill from Lilith’s influence and as for Nora, is it possible that she’s snapped out of it too?

If Nora has, then maybe there’s hope for her yet and maybe she’ll either get a heroic true death or even survive until next season. Sadly for us, Molly didn’t make it out of this episode alive but at least she got to preach the utter ridiculousness of the Lilith worship before Salome ended her life. Molly’s death unsurprisingly has also provided another reason for me to dislike Salome, not that I need anymore reasons at this point.

As for Jessica – her face was a prize in this one too. It’s obvious that she could see just how ridiculous the whole Lilith thing is but at the same time, she chose to keep her mouth shut and not rock the boat with Bill. I’m hoping that Jessica becomes part of the reason for Bill to snap out of this Lilith curse he’s under and with two episodes left to go, it’d want to happen fairly sharpish though.

Keeping with Jessica – I did not envy her this week. If Bill’s madness wasn’t enough to contend with, she also had to deal with Hoyt leaving for a new job in Alaska and glamouring him to forget about her and Jason under Hoyt’s instructions. I get why Hoyt wanted Jessica to do that and I get why Jessica did but it did make for a rather sad scene to watch and as departures go, I guess Hoyt’s made a lot of sense in the long run.

That being said though, I did feel bad for Jason too. Yes, he might have slept with Jessica but Jason was clearly gutted in Hoyt leaving town and the scene he shared with Sookie about it was also sad to watch. On the plus side, at least his cop skills came in handy when he got Sookie to find that scroll under Adele’s bed. It’s a nice way of showing just how much for the better Jason has become as a character since the first season.

As for the reveal about John Williams Stackhouse making a deal with Warlow to take his first female relative with fae blood – we already knew it was Sookie but still, a good cliff hanger that made good enough use out of Claude, Claudette and a pregnant Maurella (is she carrying Andy’s baby?). I take it that we’re due to meet this Warlow in the next episode or two, right? Assuming that Russell doesn’t get to Sookie first that is.

Last but not least – I loved Tara in this episode. She didn’t want to make baby vampires and she wanted to help Pam reclaim Fangtasia, so to do that, she enlisted Ginger and bloody staked Elijah. Yes, it was a reckless thing for her to do but at the same time, Pam could barely hide her delight in Elijah’s staking and that emo vampire lookalike was too annoying anyways. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Also in “Gone, Gone, Gone”

As well as Hoyt leaving, this episode did kill off three vampires – Molly (via iStakes), Elijah (courtesy of Tara/Ginger) and a newly made Mike Spencer (Sookie and her chopsticks).

Mike: “I’m here about the body.”
Sookie: “What body?”
Mike: “Yours.”

Mike being made into a vampire came down to a new law being made about there having to be at least 30 new vampires made in Area 5. Russell was also combating David Finch on air as well.

Molly (to Salome): “Fuck all of you. You are destroying the world based on a book that is thousands of years old. You call that ‘evolution’? That’s the opposite of evolved!”

Sookie (re Mike): “He wanted to suck on my toes.”
Andy: “He kept autopsy photos on his computer same place he kept his porn.”
I notice that a few characters from the first season have been killed off this year – Bud, now Mike and Hoyt was nearly killed in the last episode. Plus, we did get close to losing Tara as well.

Steve: “Please take me with you.”
Russell: “I thought you’d never ask.”

Pam (to Tara, re Fangtasia): “You and me, we live in the wind, just like I did with Eric. We don’t need this place. It’s four walls and plaster, that’s all.”

Steve yelling at Emma when she shifted into human form was a little upsetting. Clearly, Russell is the nicer parent in this ‘family’. I also loved Sam and Luna turning into mice to sneak into the Authority.

Andy: “I don’t say this to many men but I love you.”
Lafayette: “Aw, look, well don’t get used to it because once this vampire situation is over, folk gonna be back or we gonna be dead, one way or the other.”

Hoyt: “Is there anything else?”
Jason: “You drive safe.”

Standout music: Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” playing in the aftermath of Russell and Steve slaughtering a restaurant of people.

Pam: “You have got to be kidding me.”
Tara: “We’re not running. No-one fucks with us in our house.”

Salome: “I saved you Russell. I can put you back in the ground.”

Chronology: From where “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” left off.

Definitely one of the better episodes we’ve had this season. Maybe the absences (no Alcide, pack stuff, Arlene/Terry) helped in a big way, maybe it was the stuff with both the Authority collapsing with Russell vs. Salome (why does she think fae blood is an abomination?) but either way, “Gone, Gone, Gone” marked an improvement that I hope the next two episodes build on nicely.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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