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My Review of True Blood's 5x12: "Save Yourself"

Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Salome (to Bill): “Lilith chose wisely.”

Um, the only thing Lilith managed to successfully accomplish throughout this season was turning every single vampire dumb enough in believing her against each other. Aside from that, Lilith most definitely did not do anything wisely in the slightest. Oh and she managed to cause further frustration as well sadly.

I was really hoping that this episode would finally put an end to all this Lilith nonsense but unfortunately Bill had to go and consume her blood in front of Sookie and Eric and now it looks like he’s become some vampire version of the antichrist as a direct result. To think that in seasons past Sookie might have gotten through to him. Sadly, here she failed big time.

Not that I’m actually blaming Sookie (because none of this was her fault at all) but even I’m surprised with how readily Bill turned against her and Eric and chose to drink Lilith’s blood. I have to admit it but cliff hanger ending aside, where exactly can the show go with Bill now? Can he be redeemed at all or is he really a lost cause now?

The only thing I did like about Bill in this episode was that he finally took Salome out of the equation. Salome’s arrogance has been backfiring on her for a while now and there was something rather gratifying in her being deceived into drinking silvered blood before being staked. It’s probably the only good thing Bill did in this episode because everything else has certainly made him the worst vampire ever now.

With Bill continuing his descent into religious fanaticism, thank goodness that the rest of our main vampires really stepped up to the plate here. Eric finally managed to get his own vengeance and stake Russell but more than that, he also concocted plans with Nora, Tara, Sookie and Jason in order to rescue Jessica and Pam as well as Bill.

Eric’s development of this season has been one of the show’s strongest points and I did like that he tried to reach out to Bill and also managed to get Sookie’s help without using intimidation or blackmail. It’s just a shame that along with Sookie, Eric couldn’t help Bill in the end but at least he had the sense to get out of the Authority when Bill became ‘Bilith’.

As for Tara – I guess she really does like Pam after all. I can argue the logistics but we have actually seen their development and the flirting between this particular progeny and her maker was surprisingly endearing to watch. Tara also seemed to soften a little towards Sookie as well when it came to warning her about vampire goo being slippery as well.

Keeping with the other vampire stuff – the Nora I liked from the opening episode of this season was also nicely present. Okay, so she was a little overly bitchy at times but she helped Eric when it came to taking out soldiers and their sniping was actually rather enjoyable to watch as well for the most part. Hopefully, we’ll get better development of Nora next year now that she made it out of the season alive.

Jessica on the other hand didn’t seem to catch any break. Her maker’s a mad fanatic and Jason outright rejected her for being a vampire in this one too. Much as I liked Jason’s vampire slaying skills in this episode, he really does need to knock it on the head with the bigotry and actually tell Sookie (or Lafayette) that he’s seeing both of his dead parents and fast before he does something stupid.

Elsewhere, you gotta love Sam Merlotte. The guy came up with the best way of staking the annoying Rosalyn and Luna did the world a favour by actually outing the Authority’s real agenda. Unfortunately, she also managed to out shift as well when turning back into herself from being Steve Newlin on TV but at least they managed to rescue Emma, so there’s victory to be had there.

As for Alcide – I didn’t like him having to use V into order to take JD but hopefully with him as pack master, we no longer have to tolerate idiotic wolves like JD. I just hope that the show resists the urge to do another V addict story as we’ve already been exhausted of them with Jason, Andy, Debbie and the Hotshot losers.

Last but not least – Andy Bellefleur became a father to four baby fairies and Maurella decided to leg it after giving birth in a fashion less gross than Melisandre on Game Of Thrones but equally as weird. I’m not big on baby plots but this one could be interesting to see next season, especially given that it’s a safe bet the fairies will be a bigger storyline next year.

Also in “Save Yourself”

Steve’s fate seems to be unknown. It’s possible that Luna killed him before shifting into him but we would’ve seen it if it had happened, wouldn’t we?

Russell (to Sookie/fairies): “Seriously, is that the best you can do? I can’t even feel it.”

Although Nora seemed to be oblivious about fairies until meeting Sookie, a deleted scene from this episode did reveal that she knows of Warlow (who we didn’t see here).

Eric (re Godric): “It must kill you that he loved me more.”
Nora: “It kills me you think he did.”

Pam (to Jessica): “One of the worst things about being immortal is having to watch the same stupid scenario happen over and over. It’s usually the humans though. Guess this proves we’re just as fucking retarded as they are.”

I have to admit, I did love seeing Lafayette, Arlene and Jane Bodehouse sitting back as Andy and Holly helped with Maurella giving birth. It was a lovely, bemusing little scene.

Jason (re vampires): “There’s a war coming. It’s us versus them and that’s the sad reality.”

Arlene: “Who knew watching an alien giving birth could be so comforting?”
Lafayette: “Are you kidding me? It’s always the weird stuff that’s the best.”

I noticed a bit of a spark between Martha and Jackson in this episode. I wouldn’t be surprised if they also become a couple next season.

Guard (re Sookie/Tara/Jason): “What’s your cargo?”
Eric: “The vampire’s a mainstreaming spy. Humans are lunch.”
Guard: “Blonde smells pretty amazing.”
Eric: “Yeah, she is amazing and mine.”

Sookie (re Pam/Tara): “Oh, okay.”
Jessica: “I knew it.”

Standout music: “Save Yourself” by Stabbing Westward at the end of the episode.

Bill (to Sookie/Eric): “I have spent my entire life as a vampire apologising, believing I was inherently wrong, somehow living in fear. Fear that God had forsaken me. That I was damned but Lilith grants us freedom from fear.”

Chronology: From where “Sunset” left off.

Overall, this was a solid finale but the cliff hanger for me, kind of ended things on a sour note to be honest. As a final episode for Alan Ball as well, I felt it could’ve been a little bit bigger as well than what we got but at least it’s set up some rather interesting plot lines for next season.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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