Friday, August 31, 2012

Soap Discussion - August 2012

Last blog for the month of August.

Coronation Street: It's been an interesting enough, but more so with the Tyrone/Kirsty storyline and Tommy and Tina's growing involvement in it as well. Much as the writers have drawn some sympathy for Kirsty, it does seem like we're getting to a point now where she has to pay for her mistreatment of Tyrone. Aside from that - the whole surrogacy plot with Katy/Izzy/Gary seems a little too rushed, Kevin/Paul's bickering wasn't that amusing and does anyone really care about Tracy going berserk about Steve and Michelle getting back together? Didn't think so.

EastEnders: Now this really has been an interesting month. I'm not the biggest of Sharon fans and while maybe she should've been brought back the week before everything well to hell and Shirley found out about Ben killing Heather, her subsequent episodes have actually been pretty good and the whole aftermath of Heather's killer reveal has provided some excellent drama for the show. Far better than Janine's growing paranoia towards Michael or the show's insistence of dragging out the mystery of Kat's secret lover. Plus Derek actually managed to be a bit sinister and force Anthony to leave the Square. One wooden Moon boy down, another to go. Oh and the stuff with Ian and Lucy has also been interesting to watch.

Emmerdale: A better month than some it's had this year but it's still the weakest of the soaps right now. I don't care about Alex/Moira's secret trysts and I'll care even less the more salacious the writers try to make it and at this point, I'd almost pay myself to ship Marlon/Laurel/Paddy/Rhona off to New Zealand so I didn't have to listen to them prattling on and on. There isn't a single character in this story who comes across as well and similarly Chas replacing Cameron with Dan also didn't paint her in a good light, even if that tedious affair plot is seemingly done with.

Hollyoaks: Is Mercedes really such a great woman that men would kill for her? If you're creepy Dr Browning, the answer is yes apparently. I'm not shocked that he killed Lynsey but his motives for doing it do seem a little lame. And then on top of that, Riley seems to be into Mercedes again but then again, that fella was never the sharpest tool, was it? It's not been a great month for this show, apart from the Walker reveal (which I liked) - Doug pretending to be straight, more tedium with the sixth formers, Amy's way too low key exit, Dodger/Texas. None of those stories has anything really going for them.

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