Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Misfits - Series 4 First Look

And it's that time again where we're getting closer and closer to the upcoming fourth series of Misfits and like a certain show about a vampire/werewolf/ghost, it really is all change for the show ...

Following the departure of Robert Sheehan (Nathan) in an online minisode prior to transmission of the third series, the end of that particular run also saw the departure of Iwan Rheon (Simon) and Antonia Thomas (Alisha) as well as the rather public exit of Lauren Socha (Kelly) off screen as well. This means some new blood and low and behold, that includes Karla Crome (Hit & Miss) as Jess, Natasha O'Keefe (Lip Service) as Abby, Nathan McMullen (Corrie) as Finn and Matt Stokoe (Black Mirror) as Alex.

Not much seems to be revealed about the new lot, except that Alex is good looking but standoffish (and contrary to suspicion) not gay either as well as not being in the community service (but integral to the plot though) while Jess seems to be very similar in tone to Kelly in that she doesn't take crap from anyone else. Finn seems to have a childlike naivety about the world he's in while Abby will join the gang in a later episode. Both Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and Rudy (Joe Gilgun) are still part of the series as well.

Other spoilers that have emerged for the upcoming fourth year include the fact that we will be getting more mini-episodes, a double act between Rudy and Finn as well as learning how many people the former has slept with through a special power. Elsewhere, Curtis will be getting a new love interest and the gang's families will be factoring more into the new series as well as a new probation worker named Greg (Shaun Dooley) with some anger issues as well as some interesting powers for the gang as well. So, question is - can this show do a Being Human and thrive with the influx of new characters? We'll learn for sure in a few months time, won't we? I hope so because I do like the look of the new cast.

Interview with Nathan Stewart-Jarrett/Iwan Rheon:
Series 4 Info:

Series 4 of Misfits is due to air on E4 from October.

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Su A. said...

I really love the show Misfits. It's really different and funny but has drama to it as well. I heard they'll be making a US remake of it, but I really don't hope so they should leave it as it is.