Friday, August 08, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 51-55 Reviews

Another interesting selection of episodes with a two parter dedicated to the Boy Wonder and another bird related character popping up in two episodes along with the return of another enemy too.

Episodes 51 & 52: Robin's Reckoning

I've always been a fan of the Boy Wonder and this show's version has always been the way Robin as a character should be handled (hint to Zach Snyder if a version of the character materialises in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice). This fantastic two parter focused on highlighting the death of Dick Grayson's parents by Tony Zucco's malicious actions and Robin's attempts of getting even with the man, even when it placed him in direct conflict with Batman. The two parter is absolutely fantastic with some great scenes between the Dynamic Duo - easily their best scenes from the entire scenes as a whole. Superb. 9/10

Episode 53: Birds Of A Feather

I might not have been so keen on his previous episodes but this one (and the one following it) marked a noticeable improvement on solo outings for the Penguin. I loved the idea of the character trying to reform upon being released from prison and realising his fellow cohorts weren't there to celebrate, only for the high society he desperately wanted to impress (Veronica Vreeland and her snooty pals) to reject and ridicule him. It's actually because of this that I didn't blame the Penguin for relapsing and trying to kill Veronica and Pierce. As an episode, it's also delightfully (and literally) theatrical as well. 8/10.

Episode 54: Blind As A Bat

Keeping with the good run, I was surprised to see another Penguin episode straightaway but then again, I am reviewing these on transmission rather than production/DVD order. This one saw Batman becoming temporarily blinded and being forced to fight the Penguin and his cronies while at a major disadvantage as Gotham got held to ransom for a bit as well. It's a great episode with some nice moments as even blinded, the Dark Knight proved that he was still a match against the Penguin. 8/10

Episode 55: Day Of The Samurai

Kyodi was clearly a successful adversary in Night Of The Ninja that a follow up appearance for him was required and this episode provided it. Not only was the action transferred to Japan, upon Bruce/Batman having to rescue a student from Kyodi for his former mentor but there was also a great plot involving Kyodi's mission into learning a killer blow and using Alfred as bait in order to take out Batman once and for all at a volcanic location. As a follow up, this was certainly a better episode than it's predecessor. 8/10

Next blog, I'll focus on See No Evil, The Demon's Quest, Read My Lips and Fire From Olympus.

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