Thursday, August 14, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 61-65 Reviews

It's the start of the second season and with that, there's the arrival of a new ally, a few returns from the Rogue Gallery and the sibling of another baddie showing up as well.

Episodes 61 & 62: Shadow Of The Bat

When Robin debuted in this series, he showed with little fanfare in an episode that wasn't really about him and it took a while before he was given a two-parter to outline his origins but with Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, it was a different kettle of fish. I liked how her origin as Batgirl was almost unintentional but also as a direct result of Two-Face and Gil Mason and her teaming up with both Batman and Robin in order to prove her father's innocence showed that she was a natural and welcomed fit for the show. The fact that she's actually used only sparingly probably helped as well. 8/10

Episode 63: Mudslide

I'm actually surprised we didn't get a reprise from Clayface earlier than this episode but not only was this as great as Feat Of Clay, it was arguably a little better with one of Hagan's famous roles currently mirroring his own predicament (even with a lovelorn doctor as well trying to cure him) but while I did feel a little sympathy for him (he very nearly got cured), the fact that he so easily reverts to crime kind of indicates that even if he did become normal again, he'd still be a nasty piece of work. I did like the fight scenes with him and Batman in this one and the final scene did seem to give him a definite ending. 9/10

Episode 64: The Worry Men

The return of the Mad Hatter in probably one of his least interesting episodes. I mean, the whole with using handmaid dolls, courtesy of Veronica Vreeland to fleece money out of Gotham's elite isn't a bad plot and I did like the use of puppets resembling certain baddies but as an episode, Tetch has had better ones and the only real compelling thing was that his own little scheme ended up being used against him when his scheme was foiled by Batman and the natives whom he had been using as well. Not a bad episode but we've had better from Jervis though. 7/10

Episode 65: Paging The Crime Doctor

In a lot of ways, this episode feels like a reminder of Appointment In Crime Alley. For starters, you've got Leslie Thompkins in a prominent role/kidnapped by the baddies of the piece and also a moment that delved into Bruce's family past, but that's more noticeable at the end of the episode. More interesting you've also got the rivalry between Rupert Thorne and his struck off doctor brother, Matt, which the episode nicely explored. I actually would go as far as to say this was probably the best episode for Rupert Thorne so far in the series as a whole. 8/10

Next blog I'll focus on House And Garden, Sideshow, Avatar, Trial and Harleqinade.

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