Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My Review of True Blood's 7x07: "May Be The Last Time"

Written by Craig Chester
Directed by Simon Jayes

Sarah: “What was that?”
Jason: “Need me to spell it out for you? That’s death coming for you.”

But only if you’re Bill, Eric and Sarah it seems. Or possibly Adylin and Wade too, considering what Violet seems to have in order but mainly the ‘death’ discussion was relating to our two main male vampires and that dizzy Buddhist this week.

Sarah really had nowhere else to go and decided to hide out in the one place where her crazy machinations first came to be – at the remains of the Fellowship of the Sun camp with Eric, Pam and Gus Jr’s Yakuza not far behind her as we got to the end of the episode.

I found Sarah’s antics in this episode somewhat amusing but that was mainly down to the fact that she’s finally lost the plot and was having hallucinations involving Jason, Steve and that guru from a few episodes ago. When the three of them weren’t challenging and ridiculing her religious beliefs, they also took in turns to remind her that she was a dead woman walking.

Of course being the cure meant that Sarah could go on a rant of her own prior to being captured but at the same time, I think it also means a fate worse than death is ahead for Sarah. Eric might have been mad enough to have staked Amber but he’ll certainly cook up something a lot worse for Sarah and I can’t imagine that Gus will show her any mercy as well.

In a way, it’s almost a fitting fate for a character as fanatical and volatile as Sarah but seeing how Eric just callously staked Amber (who I don’t entirely blame for defending her sister, having been just cured by her), I’m not entirely sure he should be cured. Either him or Bill has to die in the remaining three episodes of the season and I’m starting to think perhaps it should be Eric. I’m also thinking (in spite of Gus’s offer to give 49% of his company over and have Eric as a spokesperson for a cure) that it will be Eric who’ll end up dead by the end too.

Keeping with the threat of death – Bill seemed almost resigned with Sookie trying her best to actually find a solution to the Hep V problem. I liked that this meant a return for both Dr Ludwig and Niall and I also liked that we got a history on relations with dwarves and the fae but I wasn’t too shocked that despite her efforts, Sookie was unsuccessful (for now) in finding a way to save Bill. However I think somehow Bill might not end up dying after all.

As for the rest of the episode – the only other thing that happened bearing any importance was Violet allowing Adylin and Wade to use her nice pad for some sexy times before she turned on the pair and scared the former into summoning Jessica over her. While some of Violet’s talk of love and sex got rather cringe worthy in this episode, it does look like her revenge scheme will come to it’s own violent conclusion by next week, so there’s that at the very least.

Also in “May Be The Last Time”

Holly mentioned a cabin her ex-husband had when both she and Andy were running out of places to find their kids and there were more dull Bill flashbacks in this episode.

Violet (to Wade): “Your imagination is a muscle – use it or lose it.”

Arlene had a sex dream about Keith before having a nice slow dance with him later in the episode. I loved her conversation with Sam about trying to be happy though.

Pam: “Do you wanna die?”
Eric: “I wanna kill Sarah Newlin.”

Gus Jr (to Pam, re Eric): “I ain’t a homo but you have to admit he’s a handsome devil.”

Hoyt returned in this episode too with a micro-biologist girlfriend named Bridget that Jason didn’t hold back in being attracted to. Jason also didn’t tell Hoyt the whole truth about his mother’s death.

Bill (re Sookie): “We are no longer lovers.”
Ludwig: “Are you sure she knows that?”

Jason (to Sarah): “You’re gonna die. See, Eric’s coming for you and there’s no escaping from it.”

Both Willa and James were missing from this episode as was Nicole and Reverend Daniels. Lafayette and Lettie Mae also had one scene where they were digging up a neighbour’s garden.

Niall: “There’s magic in the ordinary, Sook, there’s magic in the things we can’t see. Birth is a miracle. Love is a miracle. Death is a miracle. Forgiveness is a miracle, especially if you can learn to forgive yourself.”

Standout music: “May Be The Last Time, I Don’t Know” by Ndidi Onukwulu.

Steve: “I’m here because you’re gonna die, Sarah. I’m here to give you a choice between heaven and hell.”

Chronology: From where “Karma” left off.

Not a bad episode but something of a plodding one in parts. “May be The Last Time” did have some great cameos but it was pretty low on action and I do hope that things step up once again in the last three episodes.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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