Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Review of True Blood's 7x08: "Almost Home"

Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Jesse Warn

Hoyt (re Violet): “Where did that insane woman come from?”
Jason: “My worst fucking nightmare.”

Goodbye Violet – as a character, you lasted much longer than you probably deserved to and while you were basically a female version of Franklin, at least you were killed by the man whose mother you offed a few episodes back. Basically, having two years off screen has done Hoyt a lot of good it seems.

He came to the rescue rather skilfully when it looked like Jason, Jessica, Adylin and Wade were about to suffer from some serious torture porn courtesy of a scorned Violet. I know some people complained about how Hoyt was able to sneak up on Violet and take her out but giving how distracted she was, it doesn’t really matter. All I got out of this episode was a reminder that I actually like Hoyt as a character.

In fact this episode seemed to have a lot of reminders. Not only did it look like an attraction between Jason and Bridget was being set up but Hoyt’s attraction to Jessica reasserted itself and he seemed more interested in getting to know her than discussing having children with Bridget. Even Bridget sensed that there was something between Hoyt and Jessica when she wasn’t talking to Jason herself.

I really found myself enjoy the scenes between Hoyt and Jessica this week. His honesty about his conflicted feelings for his mother’s death were handled nicely and his sympathy for Jessica’s plight with Bill was another reminder of why he was so loved in the early days of this show. I wouldn’t be surprised by next week if Hoyt’s memories are returned to him and he and Jessica end up together. I kind of felt this episode set this up along with closing the door on Jessica and Jason though.

Speaking of closing the door on things – does Bill actually want to die? I’m getting the impression he just might have a death wish after all given that he refused to drink from Sarah/Noomi/Antidote. With Eric now officially cured, I guess perhaps the writers might actually go there with him and Sookie and have Bill die heroically in the next two episodes. Unless Bill actually changes his mind before then.

As for Sarah – her future might not be bright but I have no sympathy for her. Right now (and probably thanks to Pam), Eric is being far more lenient on her than she actually deserves but I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to get one little victory before being bumped off or shockingly even make it out of the series alive.

Last but not least – the Lettie Mae/Tara plot came to a resolution and it mostly centred around a gun that wasn’t buried too deep, Tara’s abusive father abandoning his family and Lettie Mae learning to forgive herself. Thematically, this wasn’t bad as such but it might have been more effective had Lettie Mae been the one who died in the opening episode of the season and Tara was the one who went on the journey. Either way, poor Rutina Wesley deserved far better than this for an ending.

Also in “Almost Home”

If Violet had this fancy pad all the time, then why didn’t she stay there from the beginning instead of Jason’s place?

Eric: “You want to die?”
Sarah: “No, but I must.”

Gus Jr picked up on Sookie being more than an average fang banger when she arrived at Fangtasia during the middle of the day.

Bill (to Sookie): “We all want what we can’t have and if we are denied it long enough, we lose our way.”

Lettie Mae (to Reverend Daniels): “Sometimes you gotta take a journey, even if it’s a blind one.”

We learned in this episode, courtesy of Bill that Sophie-Anne intended to bring Sookie. I have to admit some Bill/Sophie-Anne flashbacks would’ve been nice. At least we saw younger versions of Sookie, Lafayette and Tara in flashbacks though.

Violet (to Jason): “So you do have the balls to be loyal to at least one woman? Do you realise that I’ve brought some of the most powerful men in history to their knees by casting a single glance?”

Tara: “No more blame, momma. Forgive yourself and let me go.”

Sam, Nicole and Willa were missing from this episode and James only had one scene as did Arlene.

Yakuza Member: “You’re a very brave girl. Brave and stupid.”
Sookie: “I’ve been told.”

Standout music: “Almost Home” by Moby and Damien Jurado.

Sookie (to Sarah): “Even as the cure, you’re still a fucking problem but I’m not letting ruin the life of one more person I love.”

Bill (to everyone): “I don’t want the blood.”

Chronology: From where “May Be The Last Time” left off.

I liked this one a lot. Some plots were finally put to bed and with two episodes left, “Almost Home” set up a fair enough conundrum in relation to Bill’s eventual fate as well as some other plotlines too.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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