Monday, August 18, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8: All Episode Titles Confirmed

With five days to go before the arrival of Peter Capaldi's debut series as the 12th Doctor, the BBC have finally released titles for every episode of Series 8 of Doctor Who. Here they are ...

Episode 1: Deep Breath

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley

Clara trying to cope with her best friend being someone else. A terrifying monster.

Episode 2: Into The Dalek

Written by Phil Ford and Steven Moffat
Directed by Ben Wheatley

Introducing Samuel Anderson as Danny Pink. Gritty Dalek ep that goes into the last place in the universe the Doctor should be.

Episode 3: Robot Of Sherwood

Written by Mark Gatiss
Directed by Paul Murphy

Very funny Robin Hood story all about being a hero and whether the Doctor is a good man.

Episode 4: Listen

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas MacKinnon

The story of a date and the Doctor having what appears to be a mild nervous breakdown. Tiny guest cast, no CGI. A bit of Coupling. Quite scary.

Episode 5: Time Heist

Written by Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat
Directed by Douglas MacKinnon

A Doctor Who heist movie with a cracking monster, one of Neill Gorton’s best.

Episode 6: The Caretaker

Written by Gareth Roberts and Steven Moffat
Directed by Paul Murphy

What effect would slipping away with the Doctor have on your life? A hoot with some serious bits. Bit like The Lodger.

Episode 7: Kill The Moon

Written by Peter Harness
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst

Proper drama with monsters and all the Doctor Who stuff that you could want. Also features a callback to a past episode (sort of).

Episode 8: Mummy On The Orient Express

Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst

Moffat playing the long game with a callback to something from Matt’s first series. A brilliant idea of a monster. Foxes singing.

Episode 9: Flatline

Written by Jamie Mathieson
Directed by Douglas MacKinnon

A horror story that starts off with a very cute idea and becomes really quite frightening by the end. One of the best ever sight gags in it.

Episode 10: In The Forest Of The Night

Written by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Directed by Sheree Folkson

Boldly beautiful, lyrical and poetic. A fairytale, but not Moffat fairytale. Quite different with a clever main visual idea.

Episodes 11/12: Dark Water/Death In Heaven

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay

High octane action, with Cybermen and some proper UNIT stuff. Strong emotional story about Clara and the Doctor and the fact that the way they interact might not be healthy for everyone around them.

The synopsis for each episode is a brief one from last month's SFX preview but it certainly seems like we've got a bloody fantastic series ahead of us. I should also warn that rough copies of the first three episodes have been leaked online (as though the scripts weren't enough). If you've managed to avoid them before now, only another five days to go now.

Press Release:

Series 8 of Doctor Who airs on BBC1/BBCAmerica from August 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic! (to quote the Ninth Doctor)

I think "synopsises" is a great word, better than the real ones.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Only three days to go now.