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Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor First & Second Trailers

The Doctor: I've had many faces, many lives. There's one life I've tried very hard to forget.

This trailer was meant to air first later on this evening on BBC1 but has been released a few hours earlier due to it leaking on BBC Latin America. So here it is, the first and second trailers for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor ...

The Two Doctors: For those of you hoping for lots of moments with the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors, this episode certainly looks like it's going to be a treat in that regard. In the trailer we see both of them meeting up with John Hurt's Doctor and inside their respective TARDISes as well as they do battle to save the universe once again.

The Hurt Doctor: Yes, John Hurt is the Doctor or is he really? There have been so many rumours floating about the place, it's hard to know for definite if he's the genuine article or perhaps a 'road not taken' version of the Time Lord we've known and loved for the last half century. In the trailer, he manages to interact with both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor, can be seen on Gallifrey and is even instructed by Rose (Billie Piper) to use the moment too. He even has his own TARDIS as well for good measure.

A Rose By Another?: So what exactly is going on with Rose Tyler in this episode? Her look is overall similar to the first series and her eyes certainly make me think she's in Bad Wolf mode but is it really our Rose or 'a road not taken' version to accompany Hurt's Doctor as well? There are rumours that Rose does at least share a scene with both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor but personally I also hope she gets to interact with Clara as well. Speaking of which ...

Clara Disappears: Well in the trailer and preview clips when she's not looking at strange paintings with her Doctor and meeting two others, it seems that she's acquired a vortex manipulator to get out of dodge, doesn't she? Actually a lot of the clips and trailer seem to have Clara merely reacting to things but hopefully she does play an active role within the episode itself.

Let's Do The Time War Again: Or ever really. I suppose for those who were always hoping we'd get to see the Time War onscreen, this is going to be the closest we'll get to see it with Hurt's Doctor guided by Rose to use the moment and Daleks destroying everything in sight. It certainly looks suitably epic but even I feel this is something that really should be featuring Paul McGann's Doctor more than John Hurt though. Still, I can't wait to see it actually played out on screen.

Zygons Will Be Zygons: Yes, they're back for this episode as well and we've got some romantic scenes with both the Tenth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth the 1st (Joanna Page) to see, a return of Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and UNIT and to be honest, who else knows when it comes to this episode? Really, it's actually impressive how little even now with a trailer we seem to know? Are there really no other former companions or Doctors returning? I guess we'll know for definite in a fortnight's time but either way, I am certainly looking forward to this episode.

The Day Of The Doctor Trailer 1:
The Day Of The Doctor Trailer 2:

Doctor Who - The Day Of The Doctor will air Saturday 7.50pm on BBC1 on November 23rd and An Adventure In Space And Time will air Thursday 9pm on BBC2 on November 21st.

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