Tuesday, November 05, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 3x06: "Dissolution"

Written by Gretchen J. Berg And Aaron Harberts
Directed by Bobby Roth

Nolan (to Jack): “I am done talking around what’s real when we shouldn’t have to. I can’t sit in a chair reserved for friends and lie to your face anymore. Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. You know it, I know it and now we both know the truth about each other.”

I have to admit it – I wasn’t really expecting that scene to happen in this episode. I guess I should’ve considering how Nolan has become a bit disillusioned with Emily’s revenge plotting and I suppose her response to Patrick was the final straw as well into the mix. Perhaps Nolan has a point after all.

His confession to Jack didn’t cost them their friendship but it did manage to annihilate his relationship with Patrick pretty fast as well. I don’t like that Jack told Conrad about Patrick trying to kill him but at the same time, I think it’s a safe assumption that Patrick will be back in the Hamptons in time for a certain wedding. I also think the events of this episode also continue to make him look like a potential suspect for Emily’s inevitable shooting.

Speaking of Emily – she wants to frame Victoria for her murder? If it’s anything like Emily’s last couple of ideas, this one is going to be an epic failure as well. It also highlighted that despite her best intentions, she’s also still not quite listening to what Jack and Nolan are telling her either. Both of them looked particularly unimpressed when she divulged that little plan of her at the end of the episode.

In a lot of ways, this episode wasn’t Emily’s finest hour as a person. While I understand her wariness with Patrick, I didn’t like that she dismissive of Nolan’s feelings for him any more than I liked Jack causing him to be ran out of town. I do think Nolan does fall in love a bit too quickly though, even if Patrick is probably his best onscreen partner so far.

As for the wedding itself – it’s only five weeks to the fruition of the big day. We already had Jack and Nolan’s point of views made abundantly clear throughout this one and Aiden seemed pretty eager for this all to be over but who would’ve thought that Charlotte could be the biggest spanner in the works?

While I’m not exactly convinced by her bitchier attitude towards Emily, Charlotte at least has the advantage of not being under Emily’s radar. It’s a good thing too considering the contrived manner in which she managed to get Daniel reunited with Sara and the convoluted manner in which she made sure that Sara bagged a job at the Stowaway as well.

I’m guessing if there’s any spanner to be thrown at the more blissed up Daniel and Emily this week, Sara was the best o going about it. She reminded Daniel of his irresponsible and his parents’ manipulative ways and the fact that he seems eager to make amends could definitely work against Sara as well. Come to think of it, I’m actually surprised Victoria didn’t pull off this stunt herself but then again, she was too preoccupied with being bound to Conrad and protecting Patrick this week to notice what was going on with Daniel.

Also in “Dissolution”

I’m not really sure Charlotte has done that much to revamp the Stowaway to be honest but I do like that she’s genuinely trying to look out for Jack though.

Emily: “Didn’t you hear me screaming for you?”
Nolan: “I was doing my morning hydrotherapy.”

I did like Emily getting Aiden to smash her house in a bid to stop Conrad from selling his own. Beach erosion my backside.

Victoria (to Conrad): “What will you be purchasing – a place in hell?”

Morgan: “I love a good master.”
Conrad: “I love the attention of a beautiful woman but I’m not in the market for one.”

What exactly did Nolan and Patrick get up to that his place got so trashed? Sometimes I wish this show wasn’t on ABC after all.

Jack (re Emily): “Why do we do it?”
Nolan: “Because we see the broken, betrayed little girl on the inside.”

Daniel: “I’m proud of you.”
Charlotte: “You might not be after what I’ve done.”

Standout music: Haim’s “The Wire”.

Nolan: “I can’t turn off my feelings, I’m not a robot. I’m a human being.”
Emily: “I thought we were on the same page. You wanted to be a part of this.”
Nolan: “Yeah, but Ems, all I ever really wanted was friendship.”

Emily (to Jack/Nolan): “August 8th, the day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.”

Chronology: It’s five weeks away from August and the opening scene of “Fear”.

I liked this one but then again. I’ve been enjoying this season a lot so far. “Dissolution” isn’t the most adventurous episode we’ve had on the show but it certainly had some nice reveals and set up and personally, this wedding can’t come fast enough.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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