Thursday, November 14, 2013

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - The Axeman Cometh

Okay, now we're getting to the halfway point of American Horror Story: Coven and things certainly got a lot more interesting in this rather sobering installment.

Written by Douglas Petrie
Directed by Michael Uppendahl

Beware The Axeman: Every season of this show enjoys having a serial killer and after the likes of Rubberman and Bloody face in the first two seasons, this episode introduced the Axeman, who actually was killed by a coven in 1919 but then inadvertently brought back by Zoe in this episode. He also ended the episode by coming onto Fiona in a bar after the episode made it clear she was desperate for one last romance. I'm not sure if this character is particularly needed but Danny Huston does make a rather unsettling impression, so I'll keep an open mind here.

Back Again, Madison: It's amazing how in six episodes how much stronger Zoe is getting as a character. I know she hasn't impressed viewers so much and her deal with the Axeman to find Madison was reckless but damn it, she is improving. I liked her taking charge with getting Misty to raise Madison from the dead, keeping Kyle secured and also in interrogated Spalding along with Nan and Queenie. This is basically a sign of good things but I'm still not sure if Zoe really is going to be revealed as the next Supreme or if there's something else afoot here.

Mr Witch Hunter: Three cheers for Cordelia seeing through Hank's cheating bullshit and even more so for the fact that it was revealed in this episode that he was a witch hunter working with Marie for the last six years. Sadly, while it does seem like Hank might have some genuine feelings for Cordelia, Marie has now become just as bad as LaLaurie (a no show in this one) in that she wants Hank to kill everyone in the Coven. Fiona I can understand but the fact that Marie wants innocent women to be murdered just makes her a monster though.

He Broke Stevie: One of the things you should not do when in Misty's company is to wreck her Stevie Nicks on the radio. Kyle learned that the hard way when his welcome at her shack was revoked but more to the point - Misty finally visited the school and helped bring Madison back from the dead. After having her being in only one scene last week, it was nice that this episode was more generous with the screen time for her. I think it's obvious that Misty is the new Supreme, isn't it? We'll probably know for certain when her and Fiona finally meet methinks.

In Other News: Given that it was revealed that Hank was a witch hunter, perhaps it wasn't too shocking that it was also revealed that Kaylee from the previous two episodes also turned out to be a witch. The thing I don't get though is how Cordelia didn't recognise her when she was seeing things. She recognised Myrtle being burned at the stake and got a frightening encounter with the Axeman at the end of this episode too. Oh and Madison conveniently has no memory of Fiona killing her but that looks set to change in the next episode though.

Next week, it looks like the shit is going to hit the fan for Fiona while Queenie and Marie also meet up.

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