Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Review of Wizards Vs. Aliens 2x03: "The Cave Of Menla-Gto"

Written by Joseph Lidster
Directed by Mark Everest

Ursula (re Tom): "You need him, Michael. Magic needs him. I'll give him my life force, he'll live."

We're at the halfway point of this series and we get a two parter where we learned a little more about magic and Tom's life ended up being in mortal danger after one of Benny's experiments went wrong. I liked this one and I especially enjoyed having Tom, Ursula and Michael going to Tibet to see the cave of Menla-Gto and it's spiritual keeper as well.

I did worry a little that we were going to lose Ursula in order for Tom to fulfill his mission to stop the Nekross but having the spirit lady actually sacrifice herself for Tom did stop that though. The caves scenes certainly had their moments, more so with Lexi nearly faltering at her mission. I hope that's something that is explored in later episodes too.

Of course while half the good guys were on the side of the world, it was up to Benny and Randall Moon to team up, leave the house and prevent Varg from shattering the shroud of magic and that was actually the better plot of the week.

It was nice to literally take Moon out of his comfort zone and the bond that got forged with him and Benny worked pretty well when they both discussed the benefits of using both magic and science to outsmart Varg. It's just a shame that science seemingly has no place in the Chamber, but at least something was retained from the time that Benny and Moon spent together.

- Seriously, still nothing on Chloe? Isn't Tom just the tiniest bit concerned about her not being in contact with him?
- Jathro's scheming scenes are fine but it would be nice to actually see who he's reporting to at this point.
- I don't think I could handle three versions of Moon but it did serve a nice way of tricking Varg as well.
- Stickley's still around then.

Overall, another satisfying story for the show but again, I do feel if this show gets to go to a third series, perhaps we need something other than the Nekross as enemies? I can't be the only one, right?

Rating: 7 out of 10

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