Saturday, November 30, 2013

Downton Abbey - Season 4 Review

It's been something of a strange series for the folk at Downton Abbey. The show at it's best, I am not sure but definitely a show that can survive some big cast changes at the very least.

Episode 1: An episode that largely revolved around Mary's grief for losing Matthew, barely bonding with her young son, George and also one where the nanny from hell got her just desserts when Cora caught wind of her attitude towards Sybbie. Oh and O'Brien departed off screen. February 1922.

Episode 2: Mary is moving on from her grief and becomes a sole heiress while Rose gets up to some antics at a tea party and we have to endure one of many moments centering on Molesley's series of misfortunes as well. 1922.

Episode 3: The big episode where Anna was attacked by Green during the events of another party. Also lesser known for introducing the first of Mary's would be suitors in, Anthony Gillingham. Despite the subject, it's also the strongest episode of the series. April 1922.

Episode 4: Gregson and Edith's relationship intensified a bit, Anna began to distance herself from Bates, Mary turned down Gillingham's declaration of love, Edna thankfully got the boot and Rose was introduced to jazz singer Jack Ross for the first time in this episode. April 1922.

Episode 5: Tedium with more focus on the Daisy/Alfred/Ivy triangle but some great scenes with Violet and Isobel and at least Bates finally became aware of what really happened to Anna as well. Oh and the arrival of Baxter too.1922.

Episode 6: One of the duller episode with Edith searching for Gregson but we did get the introduction of Mary's second suitor Charles Blake, Alfred decided to become a chef as we had a surprise party for Robert in this one as well. 1922.

Episode 7: Easily another brilliant episode from this series. The connection with Mary and Blake came across as more suited to each other than her and Gillingham, we found out about Edith's pregnancy and even had Isobel taking care of a sick Violet. 1922.

Episode 8: An overblown and overall disappointing finale where Green was predictably bumped off screen, we were none the wiser about what really happened to Gregson, Edith still hadn't told the rest of her family about being pregnant and we got the making of a triangle with Gillingham/Mary/Blake. July/August 1922.

Series 4 certainly had it's moments here and there but some of the better plots were poorly resolved and any amount of time dedicated to the likes of Molesley or the insufferably dull Jimmy/Ivy/Alfred/Daisy quadrangle is a waste of time for me. Not bad in parts but certainly lacking too.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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