Thursday, November 07, 2013

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Coven - Burn, Witch, Burn!

Let's continue on from the madness of the previous episode where Cordelia got attacked in the bathroom and some trick or treaters turned out to be er, zombies. It's another episode of American Horror Story: Coven, folks.

Written by Jessica Sharzer
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Let's Burn A Witch: It was always going to end in someone getting literally burned between Fiona and Myrtle and it made sense that it would be the latter getting scorched on the stake. As much as I can understand Myrtle's hatred for Fiona (and despite the frame job), she didn't do herself much favours in this episode by letting her obsession with taking Fiona out of the equation be known. I'm not sure now though if she was the one who really did attack Cordelia or if Fiona just used the situation (and Queenie) to take Myrtle out of the equation. Of course then the episode to end with Misty reviving Myrtle as well, which does make me wonder if any character this season is going to stay dead.

Night The Zombies Came To The House: Compared to last week, this wasn't a great episode for Marie. Mainly she just spent her time controlling her zombie army and got royally pissed off when it turned out that Zoe was able to actually nuke the lot of them with some new powers. Does this make Zoe the Supreme? I think it's an indication sure but there's also the possibility of either Nan or Misty being the Supreme as well. Sadly though, Queenie is being manipulated by Fiona into thinking she's the next one in line. I do hope they reveal the new Supreme pretty soon now. I don't want this plot strand to drag out.

Just Kill Her Already: All Hallows Eve in 1833, several months prior to LaLaurie being cursed with immortality and losing her family, we're given yet another reminder as to why she's an evil bitch with her sadistic parties scaring off suitors for her daughters. This episode also showed that LaLaurie wasn't above punishing her own daughters when their talk of murdering her resulted in them being imprisoned in her attic for nearly a year. Seriously, I know in the present day LaLaurie's shown guilt with her zombified daughters coming after her and that she showed some concern for Queenie as well but this season better end with her suffering an unimaginably painful death. Like Arden from Asylum, she really does make my flesh crawl.

I See Everything Nearly: Two of the upsides to Cordelia's accident/attack in this episode was the fact that Fiona's concern for her daughter was actually genuine and despite her hypocrisy, I did like the fact that she tore Hank a new one in this episode. I also liked the fact that despite being blinded, Cordelia seems to have acquired some seer type powers and knew that Hank was sleeping around. Now if she can figure out why he murdered Kaylee from the previous episode, that would be good too. Either way, this seer plot is a lot more interesting than any baby plot, so I hope it stays for the remainder of the season.

The Cute Guy Survived: Oh, come on - Luke is cute, isn't he? And thankfully, despite a few choice moments, actually survived a zombie attack, so the chances of him and Nan having a romance is still there. Just look at how delighted Nan was when Fiona said that he could stay at the house to recover. Now let's hope that for the remainder of the season, Luke manages to stay a decent guy too. As for the rest of the episode, well Kyle was a no show, Spalding continued to play dress up and accidentally ripped off one of Madison's arms and did Fiona actually revive a grieving mother's baby during her scenes in the hospital?

Next week, the Axeman is a coming and it looks like Zoe and Queenie are talking to spirits as well. Oh and the show has been renewed for a fourth season. Yay.

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