Monday, November 04, 2013

My Review of Atlantis's 1x06: "The Song Of The Sirens"

Written by Lucy Watkins
Directed by Declan O’Dwyer

Hercules: “That’s what lead me to seek you out.”
Medusa: “Not a storm then?”
Hercules: “Not exactly.”

I think so far every main storyline this show has attempted has been on a previous series (and several others) and keeping with certain tropes, it was time to for a main character to resort to magic to get another character to pursue them romantically. In other words, Hercules and Medusa here.

I could go on about the ethics but when half of Tumblr and other sites do it so well, I’ll keep my stance very simple – Hercules, you’re a massive idiot and you deserved to be turned into a pig for using the song of the sirens on Medusa. Not only did she nearly die because of your deal with Circe but it was a completely pointless and creepy thing to do anyways.

Previous episodes have alluded to the fact that Medusa might have some feelings for Hercules and even if she didn’t, it wasn’t Hercules’s right to enchant her in order to get a date with him. I get that Hercules might feel insecure under his bluster about not being attractive to women but it still didn’t justify his actions in this episode.

That being said – can this show please give it a rest about his weight? We know he’s fat but the show’s constant need to make a point of this is actually becoming extremely annoying and not funny to listen to as well and it also does make both Jason and Pythagoras come across a bit badly as well.

I also think it was a tad presumptuous of both Jason and Pythagoras to assume that Medusa might not have feelings for Hercules, even if they did raise a point or two about his shortcomings. The subplot however with Hercules becoming a pig generated at least amusing joke but it was thoroughly predictable and even Hercules’s romantic woes just seemed to be a cover for getting both Jason and Circe to meet.

As for the meeting between those two – I quite enjoyed it and I quite enjoyed Circe as a character. There was certainly more nuances in Lucy Cohu’s performance as the embittered witch than we’ve seen of Pasiphae so far and the connection between Circe and Pasiphae while thoroughly predictable was an enjoyable reveal as well.

Personally, I’m all for Jason trying to kill Pasiphae. He’s obviously not going to succeed this early in the show’s life and Circe’s curse on him will undoubtedly be undone by the Oracle next week (or in the finale) but overall, it’s nice to finally see someone actually strike out and scheme against Pasiphae for a change.

I am actually hoping that Circe manages to remain for a few more episodes and that we do get some scenes with her and Pasiphae as well. She’s an interesting character and also has the potential of giving Pasiphae a bit more dimension as well. The writers would be foolish not to milk a very good dramatic opportunity and at this point, the show seriously needs to up the ante and fast.

Also in “The Songs Of The Sirens”

Hercules killed a snake as a child and Circe did turn the Argonauts into pigs. Nice that the episode used those bits even if they changed some of it around. Also both Aphrodite and Hecate were mentioned in this episode.

Medusa: “Why do they call him ‘the Destroyer’?”
Hercules: “The destroyed. You’re not hearing it right.”

Even in an episode that didn’t feature Ariadne, it was nice that Korinna appeared again. I really like her as a character.

The Oracle (to Jason, re Circe): “One thing is certain. It is you she seeks.”

Circe: “You wonder how I know your name.”
Hercules: “I wonder what else you know about me.”

Despite my frustrations with Hercules in this episode, I did like the stories of his father he told both Circe and Medusa in this episode and he got the nickname of the horrid smelling. Who was Circe’s husband and how did Pasiphae take him?

Circe: “You’ve been a fool, Hercules and you must suffer a fool’s fate.”

Jason (to Hercules): “Don’t worry old friend, we’ll save your bacon.”
Pythagoras: “That’s good.”
Jason: “Thank you.”

I know I’ve been saying it for a while now, but Pythagoras seriously needs something to do because mentioning triangles isn’t cutting it now.

Circe: “There are those who are consumed by pure hatred. My sister is such a creature. She does not deserve to live any longer.”
Jason: “What does this have to do with me?”
Circe: “I want you to kill her.”

Chronology: Not too long since “White Lies” I think. I wonder how long Jason has been in Atlantis at this point.

“The Song Of The Sirens” is probably the best episode the show has done yet but even at it’s best, there’s no denying that like it’s predecessor, this is a series that is stuck is a comfort zone. From a creative perspective, it’s a zone the show might want to break out of in order to be truly great or at least on a par with it’s predecessor.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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