Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - A Year In General

Best Show (UK): Game Of Thrones. Technically, it is a UK show in some ways and it became one of the most exciting things on television all year.

Worst Show (UK): This Is Jinsy. It tried to be quirky and off beat and pretty much failed.

Best Show (US): True Blood. Season 4 certainly took the series to some interesting new heights.

Worst Show (US): The Cape. No wonder this superhero was put down before he could take flight.

Best Villain: Does Constance from American Horror Story count? She feels particularly villainous to me.

Worst Villain: Travis Marshall in Dexter. Thank God Dexter took him out in the end.

Best TV Death: Viserys getting quite the crowning in Game Of Thrones stuck out for me. Mitchell in Being Human came a close second.

Worst TV Death: Tara's in True Blood, going on the assumption that was her actual demise.

Shocking TV Moment: Deb finally learning about her brother's other job in Dexter.

Least Shocking TV Moment:
River being revealed as Amy/Rory's daughter and marrying the Doctor in Doctor Who. It actually makes sense in retrospect.

Sexiest Male On TV: Matthew Rhys in Brothers And Sisters. I'm keeping that one for now.

Sexiest Female On TV: Jessica Brown-Findlay in Downton Abbey. I do love Lady Sybil.

Best Finale: Game Of Thrones first season ender, Fire And Blood hit the right spot.

Yes, Kids Are Annoying: Joffrey in Game Of Thrones. Also add tyrant into the mix as well and it's a fateful combination.

Neither Use, Nor Ornament: Sue in Glee. I believe her character is tethering on the pointless now.

Best Gay Couple: Kevin Walker/Scotty Wandall in Brothers And Sisters.

Worst Gay Couple: Brittany and Santana in Glee. Show more equality, Ryan Murphy.

Best Straight Couple: Amy and Rory in Doctor Who, with George/Nina from Being Human coming a close second.

Worst Straight Couple: Sybil and Branson in Downton Abbey. The writers made a hatchet job out of them. Also Matty/Franky in Skins.

Best Guest Appearance: Frances Barber as Madame Kovarian in Doctor Who. Who said the camp was dead on this show? Mark Sheppard as Canton comes a close second.

Worst Guest Appearance: Cody Kasch pointlessly returning briefly as Zach in Desperate Housewives. Did anyone actually care?

Killed Too Soon: Claudine in True Blood. What was the point of her character?

Difficult Season: Dexter. Season 6 wasn't unwatchable but the dip in quality was hard not to notice or deny though.

Best Male Character: The Doctor in Doctor Who. Contrary to what has been said about Series 6, Smith's performances have continued to impress.

Worst Male Character: Viserys in Game Of Thrones. Let's praise Khal Drogo for ensuring this idiot never became king.

Best Female Character: Daenerys in Game Of Thrones. Talk about a bloody character journey.

Worst Female Character: Holly in Brothers And Sisters, but thankfully she left.

Most Improved Show: Being Human. It might have had a shaky second year but Series 3 was a return to form.

Least Improved Show: Dexter. Again, Season 6 had it's drawbacks.

Best TV Partnership: Eleven/Amy/Rory/River became a much tougher and more formidable in Doctor Who, so them naturally.

Worst TV Partnership: Morgana and Agravaine in Merlin. Neither were particularly on fine form, were they?

Best Use Of Music: Skins. Season 5 provided some good music, except maybe Rich's episode.

HoYay Award: The Knights in Merlin. Let's face it, the poor lads didn't do much else during Series 4.

2012 Hopeful: Sinbad. Here's hoping it's a success for Sky1.

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