Sunday, December 18, 2011

Here Piggy Piggy

And here's a blog covering some of the stuff I've been watching over the last few weeks.

American Horror Story: Hmm, this show is continuing to interest me, even if I'm having a little bit of a hard time actually liking the main characters. The Halloween two parter, introducing us to murdered gay couple, Chad and Patrick was interesting, Luke the security is the nicest character we've probably met on the show, Hayden's batshit crazy in death and Tate's secret of murdering a bunch of students in the 1990's felt horribly in character for that guy. Why Violet is willing to give him a chance after knowing that is baffling. And as for Addy's death and the Piggy, Piggy legend - those were things I didn't expect. Vivian's baby being potentially evil though - yeah, who wouldn't have seen that coming?

Glee: This show has had an odd set of weeks. From absolutely deserved criticism over the mishandling in parts of Santana's coming out to the rather quick way of dealing with Quinn's vendetta towards Shelby, it's fair to see why people have criticised the writing for the show but there have been some enjoyable moments. The Christmas special for all it's cheesiness was the slice of feel good banter the show's needed for a while and I can't help but enjoy Kurt's verbal smackdown of the odious Sebastian as well, even if the writers love affair with Blaine is beginning to do harm to the show. Oh and Sam returned but honestly, it actually felt like he never left in the first place though.

Him And Her: An interesting set of episodes. It's amazing how I've gone from being rather unimpressed with the series when it started to actively enjoying it's second run. I think it's the cast whose flourished the most because the writing hasn't changed dramatically. Even the finale, which introduced Steve's annoying ex and could've easily split him and Becky for a bit ultimately decided not to go down that path. Still, there was at least one episode where I felt bad for Dan and Laura managed to utilise that bitchy streak of hers in a good way. Interesting that both of those things came directly from the unpleasant Anita.

Merlin: Oh dear, this show has had some strange episodes over the last four weeks. The worst ones have involved Elyan talking to ghosts and Arthur with another almost love interest in Mithian. Fortunately, the use of magic and Lancelot meant that Morgana finally had one successful plan with tearing Arthur and Gwen apart and the season finale tradition of invading Camelot managed to deliver a solid episode that also managed to introduce both Tristan and Isolde. Here's hoping the last episode will rid us of the tedious Agravaine while we're at it.

Misfits: This show has been hitting it out of the ballpark for the last few weeks now. Coma patients taking over Kelly's body, Rudty nearly having his wang removed, Simon/Alisha's relationship still a solid point and even Curtis/Melissa getting pregnant. All of that obsolete to the sheer madness of zombie cheerleaders in last week's episode and tonight's finale looks similarly mad as well. TV would be a duller place without this bonkers show, wouldn't it?

- Amy Acker will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Once Upon A Time as a love interest for Grumpy and Leroy.
- Gloria Estefan has been booked to play Santana's mother in an upcoming episode of Glee. Ricky Martin will also play a Spanish teacher in a seperate episode.
- Michael C. Hall has recently stated that he doesn't believe things can end well for Dexter.
- Jane Fonda will appear in Aaron Sorkin's new drama, Newsroom, which will air on HBO in 2012.
- William Devane has signed up for two episodes of ABC's Revenge, playing Grayson patriarch, Edward.
- The identity of the mysterious A will finally be revealed in the second season finale of Pretty Little Liars, due to air in March.

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