Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Skins - Season 6 Cast Pictures/First Trailer

And here are some more cast pics of the sixth series of Skins, including one of the new guy.

Alex (Sam Jackson): The latest member of the group and he's an openly gay character. We'll see him making out with a pirate in one episode.

Alo (Will Merrit): Last season his immaturity nearly cost his family everything but this year, it looks like he's beginning to grow up.

Franky (Dakota Blue Richards): The trailer for the new series sees Franky lashing out more and it seems that she's getting several sex scenes this year.

Grace (Jessica Sula): She's still with Rich but knowing this show, maybe something will go wrong.

Liv (Laya Lewis): She's still partying but is she also still pining for Matty? Er, let's hope not and that's in spite of me not being a Franky/Matty fan.

Matty (Sebastian DeSouza): Apparently less mysterious and elusive than the previous year. Perhaps that's a good thing.

Mini (Freya Mavor): She's done a lot of growing up but I think most viewers are hoping that there's more to her and Franky than subtext, despite the writers insistence of otherwise.

Nick (Sean Teale): He's mostly been trading in rugby for partying but will that have to stop soon?
Rich (Alexander Arnold): He looks brooding in his pic. That can't be a good thing, right?

And there's a thirty second trailer now released, primarily focusing on the gang's antics in Morocco as the sixth series opens up with the gang on holiday. The season is also ten episodes long as well.

Series 6 Trailer:

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