Monday, December 19, 2011

My Review of Doctor Who's: "Bad Night"

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Richard Senior

The Doctor: "What have you done?"
Amy: "I thought it was a fly."

Okay, considering that the Meanwhile In The TARDIS scenes for the Series 5 DVD went down a treat with viewers, why am I not surprised that for the Series 6 DVD we'd get something in a similar vein?

Except these scenes are billed more as mini- episodes and this first one is a rather madcap story where the Doctor is trying to keep the peace between two different factions. Again, not an easy thing to do when the Queen has been reduced to a fish (and not even the right one) and her enemy has been reduced to a fly that Amy swatted.

Of course the most interesting aspects of this first instalment is down to Amy trying to have a serious conversation with the Doctor and him passing her off to Rory. Come on, Doctor, there's only so much you can avoid when it comes to Amy's need for a big heart to heart. Let the girl get it out of her system and fast.

- River is mentioned in this story but not seen. Apparently the Doctor does sneak off to parties with his wife.
- Loving the Doctor in his tux, top hat and tails again. Matt Smith really does work that look extremely well.
- This isn't the first time Amy has answered a phone to a historical figure.
- Bad news in the sense that this is the only Night And The Doctor scene that actually features Rory. I'm also unsure of the chronology for this episode as well.

A fun, goofy opening scene. I'll be reviewing the remaining four scenes during the week in the lead up to The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe on Sunday, so hope you enjoy.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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