Friday, December 30, 2011

Misfits - Season 3 Review

Warning: Spoilers alert! You know the drill - you lose a big character, you hopefully can add a new one that will go down a treat. I think after eight weeks it was safe to assume that while Nathan might have left, Rudy more or less filled the void rather nicely.

Vegas Baby: This eight minute little scene pretty much shows us how Nathan actually left the show and it's a nice way of actually writing him out of the mix.

Episode 1: It's the debut of Rudy and he makes quite an impression, especially when we get to see more than one side to him. I'm not sure if the show needed to add a previous history with him and Alisha but it worked rather well and the gang's new powers are interesting enough.

Episode 2: Curtis has gotten some interesting episodes in the past and this was definitely an interesting one, especially when it comes to it's commentary on gender politics. Only this show would handle something like that in such an outlandish way and still do it well.

Episode 3: Okay, I suppose we had to have a comic geek obsessed with superheros at some point and Peter more or less is the epitome of that, right to the point of being a deliberate hindrance to Simon and Alisha as well.

Episode 4: Ooh, it's the Let's Kill Hitler and not succeed one. No, seriously, I know this episode generated mixed reviews but between Kelly and Seth's developing relationship and the former smacking Hitler one, it's actually one of my favourites from the series.

Episode 5: Another Kelly/Seth centred episode, only with the former spending most of the time in a coma. The only thing I learned from this episode more importantly was that it's just not worth the hassle being a probation worker on this show.

Episode 6: Rudy wronged a woman and nearly lost his manhood as a result while Curtis encountered a storyline that really shouldn't happen to a bloke before changing his powers for something else.

Episode 7: Zombie cheerleaders and Seth's not so dead ex-girlfriend. I think we all can guess the inspiration behind this episode but it's certainly amusing, especially for the reasons behind Rudy's aversion to cheerleaders as well.

Episode 8: Remember Rachel, Tony and Sally from the first year? Well, they came back and a series of chaos went down in it's wake. It was a hell of a way of ending this series and it'll be interesting to see where the next one goes as a result.

With impressive ratings and more innovative storytelling, it really does prove that this show can weather virtually any storm and come out the other side. I can't wait to see where the fourth year goes from here.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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