Friday, December 02, 2011

Doctor Who - Christmas 2011 Promotional Pictures

And with three weeks to go, here's some promotional pictures for The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe ....

A cast shot of the Doctor, Lily, Madge and Cyril as they all seem to have fallen into a Narnia type world during this Christmas special. Moffat has been promising that this year's Christmas special will be extra Christmassy and Matt Smith has commented on it being rather character driven.

Bill Bailey will be appearing as Mysterious Harvester Droxil in this episode along with Arabella Weir playing Bilis and Paul Bazely as Ven-Garr. I'm not sure if they're ally or foe to the Doctor and the Arwells but they could be a threat to those woodland creatures we saw in the trailer.

Madge Arwell, playing by Claire Skinner will be another one of those people that the Doctor has encountered more than once. She saves his life in 1938 and three years later, he returns the favour by trying to give her and her children the best Christmas ever. I have a feeling he's going to succeed.
Reg Arwell is played by Alexander Armstrong, already known as the voice of Mr Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures and The Stolen Earth/Journey's End. I have a feeling that his character is going to ensure that Madge technically doesn't live up to the widow bit of this Christmas special after all.

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The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe airs on Christmas Day, 7pm on BBC1.

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