Thursday, December 29, 2011

Long Live The Queen

And here's my last TV jumble blog of 2011. Only three more blogs and we'll be in 2012.

American Horror Story: Yeah, I still have a lot more to go with this series but this mid series episode was interesting enough. It was nice (and a little overdue) to get a backstory for Larry and Tate's hatred for Constance seems pretty understandable. Fascinating as she is, Constance is not an easy person to like at all. I also liked the scheming with Moira to save the house from demolition but how many more episodes do we have to go through with Vivian thinking she's carrying a devil child though?

Downton Abbey: I absolutely loved this episode, it might actually be my favourite one so far and while I wish we had seen Sybil, I do love the fact that the whole business with Carlisle/Mary/Matthew and Pamuk debacle is finally out of the way. I'm not a big Mary/Matthew shipper and even I thought the proposal at the end was great. The special managed to justify it's two hour length and used both the Christmas and New Year's backdrop beautifully - plus every character had something worthwhile to do and Violet was on fine form with her barbs. Series 2 might have been shaky at times but this was an excellent return to form. So glad I got into this show after months of resisting it like the plague.

Merlin: As a finale went, this was one of the best ones we've had. Okay, so once again, Morgana lost and got her ass kicked by magic but I did love her confrontations with both Arthur and Gwen at different points in the episode and the last scene where she got a new ally was fantastic. Oh and Agravaine is finally no more - I will not miss that character at all and Gwen as Queen - thank you, show. Series 5 is looking more and more exciting now, isn't it? Even the disappointing handling of Tristan and Isolde didn't deter this episode.

Misfits: Another muchly discussed finale, you can't help but praise this show's ballsy attitude when it comes to the characters. In this finale, we lost two main players but in retrospect, perhaps their exits weren't all that shocking after all, though certainly fantastic to watch. The returns of Sally, Tony and Rachel and even the flashback featuring Nathan however were surprising but effective. It's gonna be interesting to see where this innovative series goes next.

- Rutina Wesley has joined the cast of The Walking Dead. Expect to see her in the second half of Season 2 when the show returns in February.
- While Antonia Thomas and Iwan Rheon have left Misfits, the show has been renewed for a fourth series.
- Lenora Crichlow has apparently hinted that she'll be leaving Being Human after it's fourth series airs on BBC3 next month.
- Julian Fellows Titanic: Blood And Steel has released a trailer. The mini-series will air on ITV in April.
- Helen Mirren has provided a voiceover for the first episode of Glee to air in January. She's voicing a main character's innermost thoughts.
- American Horror Story will have a new cast for it's second season when it returns in 2012 on FX.
- Desperate Housewives eighth and final season will air on Channel 4, Tuesdays at 10pm from January 10th.
- The opening episode for Showtime's new show, House Of Lies has leaked online for viewers to watch.
- Jennifer Carpenter has mentioned she'd like to guest star in Modern Family. Hire her for an episode, producers.
- Channel 4 have the rights to Showtime drama, Homeland and will air it in early 2012.

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